• Walnut Hill Community Church (map)
  • 156 Walnut Hill Road
  • Bethel, CT, 06801
  • United States

Ten years ago, I had a crazy idea. I was in the studio working on an album that was, more or less, about the resurrection of Jesus. This was due in part to a fresh reading of C. S. Lewis’s The Great Divorce and a first reading of N. T. Wright’s Surprised by Hope. Album titles are tricky, and I happen to think that finding the right one is crucial—something that ties together all the lyrics and evokes the proper vibe for the sound of the record—so when I noticed the songs were unified thematically by the resurrection, I mentioned it online somewhere. A listener in Oklahoma named Tim posted a comment that said, “Really looking forward to these resurrection letters, Andrew.” Thus, an album title was born. High five, Tim. Click here for more.

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